CashApp: Bitcoin Quarterback Challenge

Made with Even/Odd

Role Head of Content / Creative Director

Categories Campaign Creative, Direction, Production, Post + VFX

A revival of the iconic 90s QB challenge - This time in the metaverse.

Campaign Creative Direction


Post + VFX


Director: Mohammad Gorjestani
Studio Shoot Director: Eliza Hooper
Executive Producers: Malcolm Pullinger, Mohammad Gorjestani, Susan Hebert
Directors of Photography: Michael "Cambio" Fernandez, Matt Lloyd
Creative Director: Omid Fatemi
Creative Director for Editorial: Eliza Hooper
Writer: Elle Clay
Supervising Producer: Rocco Campanelli
Line Producers: Angelena Addario, Amy Filbeck-Duval
2nd Unit Line Producer: Rodney Byerson
Post Producer: Lauren Lukacsko
Editorial: Editbar
Additional Editing: Amanda Marien
Color: Smile & Wave
VFX/Animation: Tendril Studio
Sound Design + Mix: Easy Feel

Client: Cash App

Head of Partnerships: Zack Ashley
Sports Partnerships: Aaron Goldwyn
Creative Production Lead: Marquia Walton
Creative Director: Allison Supron
Motion Lead: Danny Jones
Copywriter: Andrei Chahine
Product Counsel: Ashley Yee
Cash App Legal: Andrew Trafford