Zendesk: Tech for Good

Made with Even/Odd

Role Head of Content / Creative Director

Categories Campaign, Films, Animation

A mixed-media series about the impactful work of Zendesk’s Tech for Good program — highlighting four innovative non-profits using technology to make a meaningful impact.


Director: Amar Chebib
Executive Creative Producer: Malcolm Pullinger
Head of Content/Creative Director: Omid Fatemi
Producer: Rachel Serada Barth
Line Producer: Ben Nabors
Production Manager: Valentina Clerici
Animation: Art Camp
Editor: Amar Chebib
Sound Design + Mix: Oscar Vargas
Color: Sean Wells

Client: Zendesk

SVP Global Campaigns and Integrated Marketing: Scott Morris
VP Creative: Erin Pinkley
Director, Social Impact Communications: Laura Shear
Tech for Good Manager: Sam Kind
Brand Producer: Ariana Blair
Creative Directors: Elyse Kanagaratnam, Olivia Kingsley
Associate Creative Director: Sam Bathe
Brand Copywriter: Julie Oller

Featuring: International Rescue Committee’s Signpost Project, KindWork, Ameelio, GiveDirectly